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Well Worth It: Stay Fit, Stay Healthy

Fitness plays a vital role in health and overall wellness, regardless of our age. But people who stay fit and active are more likely to experience fewer health problems — both physically and mentally — as they age.

The wellness program at St. George Village is one of the many ways the community supports the overall health of its residents. Wellness Coordinator Cathy Parker says that the program works to address the needs of all residents.

“St. George Village is a community that embraces the concept of aging well,” she explains. “We make sure to offer classes on every fitness level for our residents, whether they’re in shape, have been inactive for a long time or are, perhaps, recovering from an illness.”

SGV’s fitness roster includes:
• An introductory general exercise and stretching class that includes standing and sitting exercises, some cardio work to get heart rates up, and stretching to manipulate joints;
• A strength class that works on building stamina, especially in the legs;
• Line dancing, a fun way to build stamina while challenging the brain to remember the steps;
• A theraband class, featuring seated exercises, to build strength in arms and legs;
• A cardio class, also done seated, that gets the heart rate up by moving arms and legs;
• A variety of tai chi and yoga classes that improve conditioning and flexibility through gentle movements;
• An indoor saline pool for water aerobics classes, swimming, water walking and resistance strength training;
* A well-equipped fitness center for indoor workouts;
• A walking path around the lake for outdoor enjoyment.

In addition to fitness opportunities at SGV, Parker teaches a six-week class on “Aging Successfully.” Keeping the brain engaged and active is one aspect that the class addresses.

“Exercise is so important, not only for the body but also for the brain. It’s positive for your whole outlook,” Parker says. “You feel good when you’re taking care of yourself.”

So stay fit…and stay well!

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