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Rose Brual
Rose Brual

Stay active, live well

Rose Brual is the perfect example of living well by staying active. As soon as she moved into St. George Village, Rose found a welcoming feeling everywhere she went, along with a variety of activities that nourished her wellness and spiritual needs.

A devout Catholic, Rose is able to attend daily Mass in the chapel. She enjoys using the fitness center, indoor pool and yoga classes that improve her strength, balance and flexibility. Rose also likes the outdoor amenities that are available at St. George, especially the garden. One activity that has brought special happiness to Rose is participating in SGV’s musical group The Band Aids.

“Music is fun! I learned to play the washboard so I could be part of the band,” she said. “The Band Aids bring a lot of joy around here. We make people smile because we play songs they remember, and they can sing along with us.”

Rose’s zest for life is quite evident. She attributes her overall wellness to staying active in every way.

“I have friends, I’m happy and I’m healthy,” she said. “I think activity has contributed to all of that.”

Jan Deach
Jan Deach

Choose to Live Wiser

Jan Deach says her decision to move to St. George Village was one of the wisest she’s ever made. Realizing that she could no longer manage living in her townhome alone, Jan didn’t want to become a burden to her children and grandchildren as she aged.

St. George’s Life Plan structure gave Jan the peace of mind she needed in making the decision to move. “I knew I could move to the next level of care here if I need it,” she said. “Also, my assets are protected. My financial planner verified that St. George was a good investment for me.”

St. George Village’s commitment to partner with its residents to stay active and engaged, along with its pervasive warmth and friendliness, reinforced Jan’s feeling that she’d made the right choice. While she still maintains connections with friends from previous walks of life, she also enjoys new friendships she has made at St. George through activities like the art and technology classes, working out in the fitness center and going on fun outings such as the Supper Club.

When asked if she would make the same decision again, Jan’s answer is a resounding “Yes!” She cites several reasons, including the honest and caring staff and the many opportunities to explore and participate in new things that she wouldn’t have been able to do if still living alone.

“I have recommended St George Village to my friends. I wouldn’t even look at another community,” she said. “It’s the wisest investment I ever made and my children think the same thing.”

Hiro Bridge
Hiro Bridge

Right on Time

When Hiro Yamashita’s wife Judy was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she encouraged him to consider moving to St. George Village after she passed away. Hiro, who had suffered a mild stroke by that time knew she had a point, even though he loved the home they had shared and was reluctant to leave it.

Hiro’s timing to investigate the community was impeccable. The perfect apartment with a patio that had the eastern exposure he desired and windows that looked out on two different views of the campus — one of only two such apartments in the building — was available. Even though he hadn’t put his home on the market yet, Hiro knew this unique apartment would be snapped up quickly, so he made the decision to take occupancy, staying at St. George Village a few nights at a time.

“After I got there and really started looking around, I realized this is just about the best community in the Atlanta area with everything it offers,” he said.

Soon, it became apparent that he felt very comfortable at St. George, and the time had come to sell his house, which went to a buyer who offered full price. Again, Hiro’s timing was impeccable.  He had no regrets about selling his longtime home and making the move to his new perfect home…at St. George Village.

Harry and Emily Griffith
Harry and Emily Griffith

At Home With Emily and Harry Griffith

“Make the decision while it’s still your decision and not someone else’s. It makes a big difference.” This is the thought that Emily Griffith says motivated her and husband Harry to make a plan to move to a retirement community…notably one that would provide a comfortable independent lifestyle for the present, but also a plan for the future and their needs change.

“It can be hard on your children if they have to make a big decision like this for you,” she added. “Our daughter says she is thankful every day that we chose to move when we did.”

Once that first difficult decision was made, the Griffiths embarked on their search for the right community.  “We checked out a lot of places, ” Harry said, “but in the end, St. George Village was ideal for us because it had all of the factors on our list. When we moved here, we knew we’d made the right choice.”

The Griffiths especially liked the community’s mission of partnering with people to be active and engaged and to feel at home, a mission that suits them well.

“We are both introverts and enjoy doing simple homey kinds of things, going to the fitness center and participating in some of the events,” Emily said. “But there is a wealth of activities available and something for everyone, no matter your interest.”

The Griffiths said there are many reasons they would recommend St. George Village to others, but here are four of the most important ones:

  1. There is a great bunch of people here; the residents are fun to be with. But the care partners that take care of us are even better! They are world class.
  2. It’s convenient. The places where you need to shop for groceries and necessities are very close by.
  3. The management is very loving and concerned about us. For example, they’ve done a wonderful job of protecting us during the pandemic.
  4. We have opportunities to do everything!

Are you imagining your new home at St. George Village? You can start the process today with a phone call to our sales counselor, Dawn Zawoysky: 404-558-6108.

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