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Waffles On Tour

Waffles On Tour

Whether you like hash browns scattered, smothered and covered or a waffle (or two) cooked to golden brown perfection, Waffle House is a popular known quantity for good food around the country. And to think it all started right here in Georgia!

We wanted to learn all about this icon of the American South, so we paid a visit to the Waffle House Museum on E. College Ave. in Decatur. The museum is housed in the very first Waffle House location, which opened in 1955. We enjoyed seeing the vintage menus, uniforms and other memorabilia, including the jukebox stocked with songs like “Last Night I Saw Elvis at the Waffle House.”

If you, too, would like to visit the Waffle House Museum, plan ahead! Tours are available by appointment only or on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Call 770-326-7086 or log on to Waffle House Museum.

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