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Take Steps to Stay Healthy

Take Steps to Stay Healthy…No Matter What Your Age!

When it comes to good health, St. George Village resident Helen Paris is a walking advertisement for the power of proper nutrition and exercise. The vibrant 93 year old — an SGV charter resident who still resides in independent living — says she is a firm believer in taking steps to stay healthy, no matter what your age.

“I suppose I was born moving! I’ve always been active and gotten a lot of exercise,” says Helen. “I’m not a fanatic altogether, but I must be doing something right.”

Helen says she puts in about an hour and a half of exercise every day, varying her routine with yoga, tai chi, leg lifts, aerobics, walking, floor exercises, stretching and more.

“I believe in working your body and using your own body weight mostly. I just try to do anything that will get my heart rate up,” she explains. “The exercise helps with my balance, too.”

Helen also pays attention to her diet, filling her plate with lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken and cold water fish like salmon.

In addition to keeping herself physically healthy, Helen shares a couple of other secrets to longevity.

“For me, it’s important to stay busy and to be around other people,” she says. “And yes, some negative things will happen and you have to learn to cope with them. But I believe what makes us older people really thrive is using our energy and enthusiasm to enjoy life.

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