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Retirement Communities Help Preserve Independence

When a person experiences the problems that often come with advanced age, such as decreased vision or limited mobility, the most critical question becomes “How can I continue to live safely, yet maintain my independence?” Many people believe that choosing to move to a retirement community signals the demise of their independence. But here at St. George Village, our residents are proving just the opposite is true!

A quality retirement community enables its residents to live safely and independently for longer periods of time by offering maintenance-free living. St. George Village residents enjoy amenities such as onsite dining, social and wellness activities, religious services, weekly housekeeping, and transportation for doctor’s appointments, shopping and excursions. These services are always available if and when needed, eliminating the need for residents to rely on someone else to provide them.

Loneliness and isolation are sometimes the byproducts of staying in a home that is no longer part of a once-lively neighborhood and is a burden to maintain. But a retirement community offers a support network of qualified staff and a built-in circle of new friends just waiting to welcome you!

And if your needs change to the point of requiring living assistance or nursing care, a continuous care community such as St. George Village will provide those services, too. Planning ahead for potential needs preserves dignity in the fact that you’re not caught in a crisis, thereby forcing your loved ones to make care need decisions on your behalf. You can remain independent in your daily life by living in this type of community, while preserving the moments that you and your friends and family enjoy together.

Releasing the idea of owning a home for life — a home that can eventually own you and rob you of your self-sufficiency — is your first step toward preserving your independence.

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