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Get in the Game

Get in the Game — Have Fun in Retirement!

Who needs an actual football game to enjoy a tailgate party? It was all rah-rah-rah, sis-boom-bah at St. George Village when residents and visitors wearing their game-day best arrived at our October Tailgate & Celebrate event!

Tailgate & Celebrate was an afternoon to be remembered, with all of the ambience and fanfare of a college football game day experience. The event kicked off with a welcome by the Blessed Trinity High School Marching Band drum line at our front entrance, and classic cars lining the driveway, beckoning to be explored.

Throughout our grounds, guests joined in games of corn hole and football toss, grooved to the sounds of the 1950s and 60s spun by a DJ, and crammed into a photo booth for fun group snapshots. Our fabulous dining services staff prepared and served up a variety of delicious tailgate-style foods under college-themed tents, where fans of a feather gathered for more photo opportunities. And throughout the community, residents proudly displayed their college memorabilia, adding to the festive fall atmosphere.

At St. George Village, we understand the importance of having fun and why it is an integral part of a happy, healthy and successful retirement. According to the Harvard Study of Adult Development, one of the oldest and most respected studies on aging in the country, exercising, making new friends, continuing to learn and having fun are the closest things to finding the fountain of youth. In fact, planning for how you’re going to incorporate these elements into your retirement lifestyle is crucial to how successful you will be.

Fun events like Tailgate & Celebrate are a regular part of our full slate of activities that include planned excursions to places local and farther away, intellectually challenging discussions and technology workshops, fitness opportunities, gaming, concerts and more! Every day, we offer opportunities for our residents to learn new things, make new friends and live life to the fullest.

Come see all of the ways you can experience a fun-filled retirement lifestyle at St. George Village. Take a tour, stay for lunch. Call Stacy at 678-987-0402 for a confidential appointment.

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