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Memory Care

A Wise Choice Makes Living Well Affordable

The current economy is a hot topic for everyone, but it’s a particular cause for concern among senior adults, who may wonder if their assets and income will sustain them throughout their lifetime. And what will happen if they eventually need assistance with daily life or full nursing care?

Residents at St. George Village enjoy peace of mind in this regard. Their choice to live in a continuing care community means that they will have the services they need — whenever they need them — and the quality they expect for an affordable monthly fee. In exchange for a one-time entrance fee, St. George Village provides priority access to assisted living and nursing care services priced below the market rates. This is much like having an insurance plan that requires a premium in exchange for a future benefit — a benefit you hope you’ll never need, but are certainly glad you have if your circumstances change.

Communities like St. George Village are wise choices because they offer affordable retirement living, providing an independent living lifestyle along with a comprehensive plan for the future. It’s a plan that allows residents to enjoy the quality lifestyle they’re accustomed to, while protecting their assets so that they have the means to continue that lifestyle — even if they eventually have a need for daily living assistance, nursing care or memory care.

Simply said, if you want to live well, choose well!

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