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6 Ways to Boost Your Memory

6 Ways to Boost Your Memory

Did you know that your brain needs exercise to stay fit, just like your body does? Here are six simple ways to give your brain the exercise it needs and boost your memory:

1. Stay socially active. Being active and involved helps to maintain brain function. Spend time with family and friends, seek out volunteer opportunities, or get involved in an organization you support.

2. Use your brain. You’ve heard the saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Well, research shows this applies to your brain as well! Crossword puzzles, word challenges and other games, especially those involving cards, are excellent and fun ways to keep your brain active.

3. Continue to learn. Attend lectures or take a class in something you have wanted to learn about. Reading and listening to the radio are also beneficial. Reading aloud stimulates more of your brain, so find an audience to share your story.

4. Use your muscles. Physical exercise helps your heart and lungs and may help your brain as well. Walking — especially brisk walking — has been shown to improve certain brain functions.

5. Retrain your brain. Change your routine and you will use starting using parts of your brain that are usually quiet. Rearrange the furniture in you house or or move your computer mouse so that you have to operate it with the hand you don’t normally use.

6. Feed your head. Eat foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, which appear to protect brain cells.

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