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Thriving on the Volunteer Spirit

There’s always something you can do for someone else, no matter how old you are! Serving others as a volunteer has many perks for seniors, including providing a sense of purpose. In turn, that purpose can provide a more active lifestyle — physically, mentally and socially — that can contribute to improved overall health and and a sense of well-being.

Many St. George Village residents have discovered the joys of service to their neighbors and have embraced the spirit of volunteerism. For example, several residents as hallway safety assistants, providing information and guidance to fellow residents in case of an emergency.

“It’s sort of like a volunteer fire department. When an alarm goes off, the hallway assistants knock on doors, let residents know what the situation is and how to respond to it, and assist them down the hallways and toward the exits,” says Director of Plant Operations Frank Wooten. “They start moving people in the right direction and half our work [as staff] is already done!”

Executive Director Mark Lowell says that it has been very gratifying to have so many residents offer to help in this type of situation. “It’s a great example of residents partnering with SGV and providing the best and safest possible environment for all residents,” he states.

Additional volunteer opportunities at SGV include helping fellow residents who need assistance in participating in activities such as outdoor walks and indoor games and social events, assisting with the community garden, overseeing a discussion group and more.

Many residents also volunteer outside the SGV community, providing their assistance and expertise to local hospitals, churches, after-school programs and others. They find that these opportunities not only make a difference in someone else’s life, but also enrich their own lives with new people and new experiences.

Catch the volunteer spirit, and you’ll thrive on the joy and fulfillment you find in serving others!

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