Resident-Staff Collaboration Results in Expanded Menu Options

Resident-Staff Collaboration Results in Expanded Menu Options

When Ken Reheja moved to St. George Village, he knew that the community did not offer his native Indian cuisine. He also knew, however, that as a life plan retirement community, St. George Village has a person centered approach that encourages residents to actively participate and contribute ideas that are part of the community’s continuing evolution. So Ken began offering suggestions to our culinary team, which went to work creating some recipes to incorporate his ideas.

Recently, Ken approached our Culinary Services Director Daniel Shaffer about the possibility of inviting two of his friends to come to St. George Village to teach a cooking class on Indian cuisine. The class was scheduled and our culinary staff learned how to prepare four authentic recipes, including a soup and an okra dish.

As a result, our culinary team is committed to a creative process that will lead to more vegetarian offerings on our menus. And we are pleased to offer a diversified cuisine that meets the needs of our residents.

What a wonderful collaboration between our residents and staff! Thanks, Ken!

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