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Improving Relationships by Aiding Communication

Improving Relationships by Aiding Communication

What did you say? Can you repeat that, please? Hearing loss makes communication a challenge, which, unfortunately, may put relationships in peril. Feelings of anger, frustration and resentment are often experienced by those suffering from hearing loss, as well as by spouses, family members and friends who are constantly barraged with requests to repeat themselves or talk louder.

With millions of people affected by hearing loss, according to the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), there are, no doubt, a significant number of relationships suffering from a lack of communication. And while the best way to treat hearing loss is with a hearing aid, the AAA also cites that only one out of every five adults who needs a hearing aid actually wears one.

Do you or someone you know show any of the signs below? Hearing loss could be affecting your relationships:
• Your hearing is muffled and you ask your family members or friends to repeat constantly.
• Your other half is covering his or her ears because the TV is too loud and you still can’t hear it.
• You have difficulty understanding what your partner is saying in public spaces.
• When there are competing voices or background noise, you cannot distinguish the specific words.
• You have begun avoiding conversation and social interaction.

All of the above situations can cause depression and isolation. A good course of action to pursue is a hearing test and trying a hearing aid to be sure the depression is not hearing-related.

For more information on hearing loss, try these online resources:

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