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Continuing Care Retirement

Continuing Care Retirement Communities, how secure are they?

The security of a continuing care retirement community is actually a very broad topic. Some will focus on the financial security of the community while others will be inclined to think of their physical safety within their new living environment. When clients ask this important question I always respond with a clarifying question to determine just what they really mean by secure. This ensures that I’ll answer their specific question and also provides an opportunity to address the three ways living at St. George Village is a secure choice!

1. Financial

Financially, St. George Village is secure mainly due to our success in maintaining the community at full occupancy. Additionally a continuing care retirement community in Georgia, otherwise known as a CCRC, is highly regulated by the State Insurance Commission which requires us to have 25% of our annual operating expenses in reserves therefore ensuring that these types of communities are financially stable.

2. Safe Living Environment

A safe living environment is a valid concern for our clients because as they age the risk of a fall or the need for medical attention increases. Our members live confidently knowing that should they need assistance we can respond quickly to their needs. In addition is the concern for a secure building which St. George Village provides by limiting access to entrances and exits to our members only, excluding the main entrance that is monitored by our concierge staff, surveillance equipment and security guards. Members sleep well knowing that our 24 hour staff is watching the building as well as the weather to keep them informed, safe and secure!

3. Peace of Mind

Security can also be peace of mind for the future. It’s comforting to know that should you, your spouse or your parents have the need for assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing St. George Village gives members priority access to these services at a discounted rate. Although security and piece of mind is priceless, in today’s economy we cannot deny that value is an important factor in making a decision. Fortunately St. George Village holds the same value today as it did upon opening in 2005. We are please to offer a way for older adults to plan for their future healthcare and residential needs while living a very independent lifestyle.

For more information about how to plan for your future contact Stacy Gass at 678-987-0402.

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